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Cheap plane tickets are not impossible to find but it does take some serous and several hours' worth of continuous effort to search for them and then knowing when to book them before their prices start to rise and become prohibitively expensive. Since there are far too many factors determining how flight prices will be affected by rivaling airlines, current fuel rates, holidays, time of the year, and more, it's a real uphill battle to be on top of every single trend to know when precisely to book cheaper flights. So, to help you out of this potentially endless maze, I have compiled a number of strategies for getting the cheapest plane tickets so you can then use all that money you'll be saving on your vacation instead. Let's get started.

7 Top Strategies to Score Cheap Plane Tickets

Search multiple fares--not destinations

Scouring for airfare tickets instead of destinations could better help you find great deals.

Utilize Kayak's explore tool; it shows many airline ticket prices on a map according to a fixed budget. Also, try Skyscanner's Everywhere search tool; it will display flights to different locations based on the lowest rates.

Mix & match airlines

Booking with two different airlines could sometimes prove cheaper than purchasing round-trip from only one. Moreover, it could assist you to get easier arrival and departure times as well.

Sites such as Kayak's hacker tool and offer you the choice to try various airlines to make a round-trip.

Use smaller airlines

Kelly, an airfare expert, recommends flying with smaller airlines, for they could frequently provide the best deals.

More specifically, he recommends airlines like Norwegian Air and Wow Air; the latter offers airfare tickets as cheap as $250 for a round-trip to Iceland. 

Book late-night or early-morning flights

Since most travelers hate flying early in the morning and late at night, these unpopular times could often offer cheaper prices for flights.

Generally, while late-night and early-morning flights are favorable options for leisure routes, midday flights work much better for business routes.

Use search tools such as Google Flights

Google Flights' search tools compare flight rates with various airlines, travel times, dates, itineraries, and plus offer you the choice to see them in map form.

Adioso is another fine search engine which permits you to look for flights almost one year in advance.

Bundle your flight ticket with a hotel booking

According to a recent study conducted by the Airlines Reporting Corp. and Expedia, flyers who book flights with rental cars or hotels from the same business could save up to $568.

In addition, in resort places such as the Caribbean, Hawaii, and Mexico, the data discovered savings as much as $1,100.

Don't forget coupon codes

Although you may usually never consider utilizing coupons for airline flights, a website such as has a whole section dedicated to coupon codes just for travelers.

These coupon codes provide discounts off of airline flights via sites such as CheapOair to hotel stays booked via Expedia.

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  Cheap plane tickets are not impossible to find but it does take some serous and several hours' worth of continuous effort to search f...